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Premium Rate Services

Premium rate telephone numbers are an excellent revenue stream for businesses of all sizes, allowing you to earn a revenue for each minute a customer calls your company. Tariffs range from £0.05 per minute - £1.50 per minute and can be billed either on a Per Minute or Per Call (Drop Charge) basis with revenue generated on the premium rate number being paid to yourself accordingly.

The premium rate industry is stronger than ever. Just look in the back of the newspapers and glossy magazines (FHM, Daily Star, Nuts, Sunday Sport, Max Power or almost any other best-selling publication). The same premium rate ads are placed again and again, month by month. In many cases, they have been running non-stop for years. Why? These adverts make money!

We provide ready-made, off-the-shelf, premium rate number packages to entrepreneurs and businesses. We take care of all the content, regulatory and technical aspects of running a phone service. All you need to do is promote the numbers to earn revenue. Premium rate numbers can be used for a whole host of services, here are some of our most popular premium rate services and products (click each for more information):

We have a wide variety of managed premium rate services, including horoscope readings and managed live 1-2-1 psychic chat services allowing callers to be connected to...

With tariffs ranging from £0.05 to £1.50 per minute, having a premium rate customer support phone number can be an excellent revenue stream for both small and large businesses alike.

The potential for premium rate telephone and SMS solutions is limitless and ever-changing so naturally we couldn't list every type of service we offer.

We have a wide variety of managed premium rate services, including managed live 1-2-1 Adult Chat and recorded adult stories.

We've all seen or heard of phone-in competitions and it is widely recognised by the public that entering a competition by making a short phone call is a great...

In recent years reality TV shows have made a regular occurrence of supporting your favourite (or least favourite) contestant (i.e. singer/dancer/skater etc).

We provide an SMS Chat service managed through an easy to use online panel. End users can chat in real time by text message with operators using our web based interface directly from thier PC.

We can provide you with the facility to share your knowledge of sports such as horse-racing with the general public and earn a revenue at the same time.

Our core business is UK premium rate numbers, however we have excellent connectivity on many international premium rate numbers, with competitive revenue rebates...