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Non-Geographical Numbers

Non-Geographical numbers are ideal for businesses which want to demonstrate a national presence whilst also being able to generate a revenue from each call received (except in the case of freephone numbers). Detailed below is a list of the different number ranges and tariffs available.

All of the below business numbers can be used along side our IVR, which has many features - click here for more information on what IVR features are available.

03 Numbers are a relatively new number range and are the first non-geographic phone numbers to be charged at a standard landline rate.

These numbers are commonly known as 0800 'freephone' telephone numbers because they are free for a customer to call with the company concerned picking up the bill.

0844 numbers are often referred to as 'Local Rate' phone numbers - this is because calls to these numbers are charged at a flat rate of 5p per minute regardless...

0871 numbers are commonly referred to as 'National Rate' phone numbers - calls are charged at a flat rate of 10p per minute regardless of whereabouts...

With various media campaigns to save our high streets, people like dealing with local companies. 01/02 numbers are designed for companies that wish to demonstrate...