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Mobile Strategy


From: £250

Do you have a great digital team, but they are very desktop focused? Maybe you have a very successful website, but you have increasing numbers of visitors through mobile devices. Or maybe you have some great ideas for a mobile app, but you’re not sure how to bring them to life.

We deal with these issues on a day to day basis with our clients, helping them to make the most of their content and developing a mobile strategy that fits their objectives. Whether it’s an app, a mobile website, or something more exotic like a mobile marking campaign – it all starts with your customers. We’ll help you indentify and target them in the first place, and develop products that they love to use. We always work back from the end user, making sure what we develop is the right tool for your business.

We have leading industry knowledge in consumer behaviour and trends as well as the technical knowledge to help you make hardware and platform decisions. When it comes to your content, we’ll help you work out how to structure it for mobile devices as well as present it in a accessible format.

Your objectives might be to increase subscribers to your site, or to open up new revenue streams. You may want to get more data on your customers or to increase brand penetration through new channels. We will work with you to define where you are in mobile, where you want to go and how we can get you there.

Phone Apps Categories

Some of the solutions we build are simple and cost just a few thousand pounds. Others have six figure budgets and require integration to complex systems. All of our capabilities are in-house. We provide the following build services.

Portfolio, Personal, Fan Page

Apps for artists, photographers, models. Great for music bands, hobbyist, fans, clubs, associations.

E-Books, E-Zines, Media

Turn your novel into an e-book. Publish your scripts and reach thousands of readers.

Restaurants, Business, Online Shop

Apps for restaurant & bars, health & fitness clubs, real estate agents.

Quizzes, Trivia

Q&A games, trivia, quizzes. Great for teachers or if you have a field of expertise in demand.

Geolocation, Security, Mapping

Mapping apps. Password protected content. Geotargetting apps.

Killer App - Based on your amazing app idea...

We bet you have a killer app idea. Let us build it for you!

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