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Mobile App Development


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The development of a mobile phone app, is not right for every brand and is certainly not the only way to exploit your content on mobile. But where appropriate, it’s a very powerful way to get your message and content out to your customers.

Consumers relate to their mobile devices in much more personal way than to traditional websites. Having your brand on a customer’s mobile device is great way to keep mindshare in your target audience.

While mobile phone application development generally requires more upfront investment than optimising a site for mobile, there are several reasons why this investment can be worth making.

  • Mobile apps allow users to store content for offline reading. This is especially useful for ‘news’ based apps. Users can sync their apps during a 3G or wireless connection and then store the content to read on the train or the tube. For brands with a lot of content to push, updated on a day to day basis, this functionality can be very important
  • App icons live on the device’s homescreen, ensuring that users are always one click away from your brand. Apps are much more accessible than mobile websites – normally just a few clicks away from a user’s homescreen. The development of a mobile phone application can really build a strong link between your brand and the consumer, especially if engaging content ensures that users are regularly returning to your product.
  • Apps allow a much greater access to the native functionality of the device. Mobile phone application development allows us to access the native functionality of the device, such as the calendar, the camera etc. This is not always possible with a mobile optimised site. If it’s important that your product interfaces this way, it’s worth thinking about the development of a mobile application.
  • Some things just have to be done on an app. Mobile phone application development is always required in any kind of gaming or highly interactive product. There are some things that just can’t be done through a mobile browser, or if they can be done, they can’t be done well. Gaming would be a good example of this.

In general apps are very good at doing one thing, whereas for a general browsing experience, mobile optimised websites can be a good solution. In reality, the best solution is normally to do both. With around 20% of internet traffic now through mobile devices, if you’re not optimising your site for mobile, you could be missing out on traffic, conversions and money on your bottom line.

A well built app is still a great way to get your brand out into the marketplace and who knows, maybe a great little revenue stream as well. Mobile application development companies understand the impact a well crafted mobile can have on a business.

We develop apps on all major platforms including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows. Our mobile phone app development process is rigorous and robust, with attention to detail from the word go to delivery.

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