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0844 Numbers


From: £10 pcm

0844 numbers are often referred to as 'Local Rate' phone numbers - this is because calls to these numbers are charged at a flat rate of 5p per minute regardless of the location in the UK you are calling from. We will route the call free of charge to any UK landline and pay you a revenue accordingly, some of the advantages of 0844 numbers are:

  • A national presence which allows you to market in areas where you have no physical presence - e.g. out of area yellow pages.
  • A 'whisper' message upon connection if required - this can be a short sound file advising you of the calls origin, useful for people who work from home and use one phone line for both home and work calls.
  • A voicemail service which will email you an audio file containing answer-machine messages received whilst unavailable.

Routing to multiple numbers if required.

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