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03 Numbers


From: £10 pcm

03 Numbers are a relatively new number range and are the first non-geographic phone numbers to be charged at a standard landline rate - even from a mobile phone. 03 numbers offer all the same advantages as our 08 numbers (such as enhancing the national presence of your business) with one difference - the cost to the caller. With calls to 03 numbers included in most customers inclusive minutes there is nothing to stop them picking up the phone and making that key initial contact.

03 Numbers Charged at Local Rates - Recommended by OFCOM

Ofcom, the UK Telecommunications regulator, have issued the 03 local rate number range to provide a UK wide non geographic number for businesses, public service organisations, medical practices and charities requiring a national presence where the caller incurs no additional charges. The 03 local rate number range is intended as a replacement for 08 national rate numbers.

The charges for calling 03 numbers will be the same as calling standard 01/02 numbers, including from a mobile phone (40% of calls are currently made from mobiles).

Organisations with branches throughout the UK can use 03 numbers instead of 08 numbers, maintaining a single national point of contact for customers without additional charges above the cost of calls to local rate geographic numbers.

Bundled Call Plan Minutes

03 regulations insist that providers offer the same discount bundled call minutes schemes currently applicable to 01 and 02 geographic numbers. Calls made from mobile and pay phones must be comparable in operation and cost to calls from normal landline numbers.

Revenue Sharing Prohibited on 03 Numbers

Responding to current dissatisfaction among consumers with some businesses and organisations using revenue sharing 0845, 0870 and 0871 numbers, Ofcom have prohibited revenue sharing on 03 numbers.

This seen as more ethical and customer friendly for some organizations such as Utilities and NHS Medical Practices.

Number Translation

Existing phone numbers can be retained, as 03 numbers are pointed or 'translated' to your existing landline phone numbers. Customers can call the 03 number, or your existing numbers, and services on the line, e.g. call queueing and call routing, will continue to function as normal.

Your 03 number remains with you even if you relocate, providing a national presence wherever your business is located.

03 Numbers are available in multiple ranges, including:

030 Number ranges - such as 0300 numbers and 0303 numbers

The 0300 & 0303 number range has been designated by OFCOM for non profit organisations, including Charities, Government, health and other public sector organisations.

033 Number ranges - such as 0330 numbers and 0333 numbers

The 033 number ranges including 0330 and 0333 are open and available for general business use.

034 Number range - such as 0345 numbers

The 034 number range has been designated by OFCOM to replace existing revenue generating 084 numbers.

For example, the owner of a 0845 number will be entitled to the equivilant 0345 number. Such as 0845 123 4567 can obtain 0345 123 4567.

037 Number range - such as 0370 numbers

The 037 number range has been designated by OFCOM to replace existing revenue generating 087 numbers.

For example, the owner of a 0870 number will be entitled to the equivilant 0370 number. Such as 0870 123 4567 can obtain 0370 123 4567.

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