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In our line of work it is extremely important to challenge each other every single day in order to keep our ideas and our work fresh. Lucky for us, every person here takes extreme pride in what they produce, and delivering anything short of brilliant would be a catastrophic blow to our huge egos. So, we avoid that outcome altogether.

The human factor is one of the fundamental aspects in our business. According to the unwritten IT laws, the team cannot produce a product which excels the team itself in terms of quality. Our team is a united group of like-minded persons-professionals which is the capital asset of ALGART Media. Here are a few facts which characterize our team.

Our team consists of experienced workers who are employed on a full-time basis. Periodically the company also hires contractors whose number can amount up to 20 or 30 persons. These are mainly experts in specialized subject areas and technologies, instructors and (more rarely) developers.

The average age of workers is 25 and the average experience in IT is 6 years. Many of them started working with us, being University graduates or senior students.

Practically all our workers are certified specialists or masters in the field of IT, applied mathematics, mathematical physics and other IT related fields.

Some of our colleagues work as teachers at Universities or conduct scientific researches. It helps us to maintain the academic level of qualification of our staff without distracting from the main project activity.

Thanks to the fundamental character of education each member of our team is not just a coder, but a highly educated professional who has comprehensive knowledge and experience in all the key fields of the software development life cycle process.

Most workers have skills in a few specializations (from project management to the development with the use of a few programming languages). It is part of the policy of our company which is aimed at minimizing project risks connected with the formation of teams and the resources supply.


Our researchers and analysts are the kind of people that live on the internet more than they do in the real world. Always up to date on every single new web application, social media platform or technological breakthrough light years ahead of the rest of the world, they have studied, interacted with and observed more digital marketing campaigns than all your Facebook friends put together.


We boast an impressive roster of designers that are specialists in their particular fields; concept artists, interface designers, illustrators (objects & characters), 3D designers and animation specialists.

Needless to say, we take design very seriously. We feel that digital marketing campaigns, much like television and print media, require a wow factor in order to stand out amongst all the noise that is out there. Although impressive functionality is equally important, the campaign would fail to deliver if the design did not live up to the high standard of quality we set for our projects.


Each of our developers have over a hundred different completed projects under their belts throughout their still young and illustrious careers. Yes they are nerds, and proud of it.

With this plethora of experience, they are well equipped to execute any social media strategy efficiently and with a fast turnaround, all the while keeping security, usability and scalability as high priorities.


Online marketing is an ever-evolving job, one that requires people who can stay abreast all the latest trends and technologies popping up on a daily basis. The internet is dynamic and erratic due to the fact that human beings interact with it and influence it so heavily. However, with the right skill set, a lot of research and analysis one can find patterns and predict certain behavior.

With a wealth of experience in different online industries, from web sites, web applications, social profiles, mobile applications, management tools to entire campaigns, our marketing personnel have been able to experience what works first hand. From handling media buy campaigns such as pay-per-click & banner ads to promoting an entire social campaign across several platforms, these folks have seen enough traffic to put rush hour in downtown London to shame.

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